Laura Bennett is the President of Laura A. Bennett & Associates, Inc, a consulting and continuing education organization. Laura specializes in evidence-based mindfulness and resilience training designed for those in high-performance roles and high-burnout professions. She believes in the “ripple effect” that comes from learning mindfulness and developing resilience. Laura loves to work with individuals and small groups to improve presence, relationships, leadership, performance, emotional intelligence, and compassion.

Laura also has a deep passion for providing holistic, empowering care to women. She developed a unique program for healthcare providers to share her passion and skills. Laura provides specialized multidisciplinary obstetrics care training that enhances and advances maternity services through workshops and coaching that create positive culture shifts, expand caregiver skill-sets, and develop consciousness that is critical to effective team-based care, facilitating normal birth, and empowering women to reach their fullest capacities as mothers. Attendees of her workshops develop confidence and competence in holistic, low-intervention care modalities that acutely address current challenges in modern birth care to improve maternal and newborn outcomes.

Laura also works with The Institute for Healthcare Excellence, a collaboration of industry experts and thought leaders focused on improving the design of patient, family and caregiver experiences to create an environment of excellence. She is faculty for the centerpiece initiative, Communication in Healthcare, an educational and coaching program that improves quality and safety in healthcare through clear and effective communication. The Communication in Healthcare practice results in a culture of trust, compassion and competence resulting in excellent patient and staff experiences.

Laura is the founder of Powerful Partnerships, an initiative to build community relationships and bridge gaps in knowledge and community services to improve birth care and women’s and infants’ health. She is also the founder of MindfulJax, an initiative to develop a collaborative community to cultivate awareness and advance mindfulness in Northeast Florida. Most recently, Laura joined her husband, Matthew, in creating The Space Gallery, a contemporary art gallery and creative space in Downtown Jacksonville. They are working together to help revitalize the visual arts in Jacksonville’s Urban Core, as well as to increase the dialogue regarding the role of visual arts in community growth. Laura and Matthew reside in Jacksonville. They have two children, a daughter, Marissa, who attends Wellesley College in Massachusetts, and a son, Gabriel, who attends Stanton College Preparatory School. In her leisure time, Laura enjoys spending time with her family, yoga, hiking, biking, and travel.

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