Our Mindful Marketing Manifesto is our unique process

of eliminating the noise, focusing on your core competencies,

and creating strategies to ensure you never blend in with the competition.

1. Begin with why.

We’re relentless about getting to your brand’s WHY. We call it your sacred story, and while it’s unique to you, it’s never about you - it’s about your customer. Your WHY lights the path for an authentic conversation with your audience where ideas, wisdom and experience are shared and an emotional connection is formed.

2. Be unapologetically specific.

Trying to be all things to all people makes for an unmemorable experience. Instead of capturing greater market share by appealing to the masses, you end up blending in with the masses and going down in history as yet another “me, too” brand. The best way to avoid irrelevance is to avoid ambiguity.

3. Do less, better.

In terms of strategy and tactics, be discerning. It’s okay to say no to good-but-not-great ideas and instead wait for the lighting bolt. Fewer competing priorities means more focused execution. We have a saying we like to use around here: “Spinning wheels do not take your further faster.” They often lead to getting stuck in the sand.

4. Don't compete. Create new.

The stroke of genius doesn’t come from looking at your competitors and trying to do what they do, only better. It comes by going deeper into your WHY to identify new and innovative ways to deliver your unique message. We don’t compete with the big guys by doing what they do. We uncover unclaimed white space and mark a new territory.

5. Mind your body. Listen to your gut. Speak from the heart.

Mindfulness is at the core of everything we do. We recognize that creativity and innovation are born from focused, healthy minds, and we believe we do not have to sacrifice our mental or physical health to succeed. We are committed to creating a culture of mindful leadership from the inside out.

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