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We’ve all been social distancing for several few weeks now, and we’ve still got a little ways to go. It’s inconvenient, unsettling and unnatural - we’re social creatures who thrive in community. We’re sensory beings who need touch and human contact. We’re not wired to do life alone. 

And for entrepreneurs, this time of social distancing may feel especially frustrating. Our natural instincts for freedom, independence and action have been stymied. 

While we cannot gather together, this time of social distancing invites new and important ways we can gather alone. If we make the most of this difficult time and seize the opportunities that it brings, we will emerge stronger, clearer and more capable leaders. 


As tempting as it is, this is not the time for self-indulgence or self-sabotage. With countless fitness apps, online classes and the great outdoors, now is the time to run, dance, sweat and move. This is not only essential to maintain peak physical wellness, immune function and mental health. Movement releases endorphins that help stimulate creativity, and there’s never been a better time for innovative, future-focused thinking.

“Sit as little as possible…do not believe any idea that was not born in the open air and of free movement—in which the muscles do not also revel.”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche


Once the endorphins are released and creativity is stimulated, new and fresh ideas may come like instant downloads! Don’t dismiss these insights. Find time each day to journal, or better yet, Mind Map, your stream of consciousness. Mind Mapping has long been one of my favorite creative practices, and an effective tool to organize thoughts, illuminate core concepts and bring peripheral ideas into focus. The process sparks our natural instinct to find associations and create structure while encouraging divergent thinking. This means the brain is constantly toggling between the left and right hemispheres, giving way to a continuous interplay between the analytical and creative mind. This is a critical step in the creative process that can unlock new ideas and maximize your brain’s untapped potential.  I talk a little more about this powerful process here.


Different from “ideas”, “thoughts” are guided by your subconscious mind and tend to run unabated. Are you aware of this incessant stream of inner dialogue? Noticing your thoughts without attaching or reacting to them is the practice of mindfulness, and it is a helpful step in the creative process. Mindfulness helps us duck dive under the waves of thought - beneath the critic, the editor, and the judge that live in our mind -  and sink into a stillness where the source of our creative potential resides. And in this finite moment of NOW, we realize there are infinite possibilities.

During this time of social distancing, we will be promoting Working From Home with our updated logo, and we will be promoting Working On Home through regular content focusing on your entrepreneurial mindset, your emotional wellbeing and your creative spirit. 

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