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Personal Branding – 3 Archetypes of Influencers

You may not realize it, but every time you post, tweet, tag and gram, you’re crafting your Personal Brand.  Personal Branding is the zeitgeist of our generation. Personal Brands have eclipsed commercial brands in their influence and reach. Thanks to social media, blogs and even the phenomenon of selfies, everyone can have their 15 minutes of fame, or infamy, however fleeting. But the real goal, of course, is to have enough substance in your status updates to carve out your own virtual niche as an influencer.

So, how do you evolve from being a follower to being followed? The answer may be in your social archetype. We’ve identified 3 social personality styles that make for influential Personal Brands.

The Survivor

If you’re a Survivor, you have a story to tell. Your life experiences have challenge and tested you, and you have persevered. Whatever your struggle, from acne to addiction, this cross you bear is your gift to the world. By accepting your challenges, you also accept the responsibility to use the challenge to help others, and this call to action is your greatest motivation. You are inspired by the speakers, teachers, writers and leaders who have triumphed in the face of great adversity.

Survivors: Eckhart Tolle, Seane Corn, Kris Carr, Oprah, Gabrielle Bernstein

Tips for The Survivor:

Be humble and courageous. Share the depth of your suffering, and how you overcame it. We resonate with others who have been down the road we’re on, and who lived to tell about it. Don’t skip over the ugly, gritty truth.

The Expert

If you’re an Expert, you are not only passionate about your work, but you love to share your tips, tricks and hacks with the world. You are a knowledge junkie, and whatever you learn, you teach. You offer practical, actionable solutions to challenges that confound others, and you are brilliant at explaining difficult concepts in ways that are easily understood. You are never afraid of sharing your “trade secrets”. You don’t see success as a zero sum game. There’s enough for everyone.

Experts: Marie ForleoTim Ferriss, Seth Godin

Tips for The Expert:

Show and tell. We are seeking your expertise because we don’t know how to do what you do, and we want to learn. Videos, infographs, case studies and tutorials help us visualize outcomes, which is the critical first step in achieving success.

The Problem Starter 

If you’re a Problem Starter, you’re an Innovator. You create demand so you can sell supply. You invent a need so you can provide the solution.  In short, you create problems so you can solve them. Our economy is run by Problem Starters, just like you. You’re an opportunistic risk-taker and you abhor the status quo. You don’t understand the words “No” and “Can’t” and you have little patience for little minds.

Problem Starters: Howard Schultz, Steve Jobs, Arianna HuffingtonRichard Branson

Tips for the Problem Starter:

Create Contrast. Explain what is and what could be by telling stories and sharing examples of the ordinary world (status quo) and the new and improved world once your vision is realized. We love contrast because it stimulates our imagination.

Are there other Social Archetypes you can think of? Share in the comments below!

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